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Your business  promotion is our priority. In fact, we know the perfect recipe to make the marketing strategy for your business work properly. Plus, our team takes each project and idea as our personal project and develop it accordingly. At SoQube we are very keen on working with marine tourism, fashion accessories, restaurants, hotels as well us political marketing.

SEAze The Day

SEAze The Day is a leading start-up company in marine tourism in Crete that started its first step in July 2018. In less than a year, the company grew and is ranking on the first top Google pages in the USA and Greece.

Designing the future of Marine Tourism in Crete

The team was asked to collaborate closely helping with social media, website visuals, SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics and touristic platforms like TripAdvisor. Check out our work within 6 months: search for “rent a boat Chania” or “private boat trips Chania” on Google.Yes, we are as organic as possible!

Camerata Europaea

Camerata Europaea picked SoQube as their loyal PR partner and sponsor for their events at Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall. An exceptional collaboration that inspires all of us.  

A musical Selection of Sounds

The team was asked to represent the director of the orchestra, Maria Makraki. Along that, we also closed a very important deal with the popular Greek newspaper Free Sunday.

Residenza Vranas

Residenza Vranas is a five-star boutique Hotel in the heart of Chania, Crete. A hotel with a limited number of luxury suites that provides a unique sea view with exceptional amenities and services from the owners.

Luxury at its finest in Chania, Crete

SoQube were asked to work on the SEO, Greek, Italian and French translations, Google Ads and the social media coverage. An exciting, yet very demanding project. Check out our work on the link above.

Kyveli Design

Kyveli Design is a Handmade Greek Jewellery luxury brand. It resides in the Netherlands and exhibits unique pieces of jewellery. .

Iconic Greek Design

We SoQube collaborated closely with the owner to work on the SEO for the website and Google Ads for a complete promotion. We also provided ideas for the decoration of events that this brand took part in within the area of the Netherlands.


Livingreece is one of the most high-end villa rental in Mykonos. It provides luxury estate and concierge services for a different and more prestigious experience of Greece.

A luxury experience of Greece in Mykonos

SoQube was asked to collaborate closely helping with the website visuals, SEO, website texts and the online presence in touristic platforms.

Blue Label Club

Blue Label Club is a start-up company that provides luxury transfers at land and sea in Athens since 2016. A car and motor-boat renting company that wants to shape a different, more extravagant, approach to Athens’ transfers.

Introducing Luxury rides in Athens

SoQube was asked to collaborate on the website SEO, photo rearrangement, website texts and social media coverage. Don’t miss out on their link. The most exciting part was that the team had to take part in several boat trips to provide insights, experience the transfer and take photos for the visual appearance of the brand.


Ribingreece one of the most prestigious companies in marine tourism in Athens. This marine company organizes daily boat tours and multi-day vacations in the Aegean Sea. They provide excellent services at sea.

An escape from the city in Athens and the Aegean Sea

SoQube was asked to collaborate closely helping with the social media coverage, the website visuals, SEO, website texts and the online presence in touristic platforms. We finally, made changes on the website in order to fit a more user-friendly environment for the guests.

Dermcosmetics Clinic

Dermcosmetics Clinic is one of the most popular aesthetic dermatology clinics in Chania, Crete. A company with many years of experience and with very stable clients that trust their work.

Refashioning the Standards of Cosmetic Dermatology in Crete

SoQube was asked to study Cosmetic Dermatology in depth, read article online and engage in conversations with dermatologiest. The responsible for this project learned a lot and has managed to deliver the message as simple as possible to the potential customers through social media.

Aegean Dream Weddings

Aegean Dream Weddings is one of the most well-known Greek wedding-planners in Santorini and the Greek islands with a major influence in the USA and UK.

Planning the most elegant weddings in Santorini

The team was asked to work on the website SEO. We managed to rank the majority of its pages on the first pages of Google search. Social Media appearance was also part of our project.


IdEF, began operating in 1995 by collaborating with the French State University Paris 13 – Sorbonne Paris Cite and provides the Paris 13 academic programs in Greece. STAPS is its Physical Education branch that started in 2018.

Expand your studies with STAPS

SoQube was asked to study the curriculums of each tutor, along with the university services, in order to shape the social media coverage and visual appearance of STAPS.

Body of Yours

Body of Yours is a Swedish company based in Stockholm, Sweden. This company incorporates and combines physical activity with balance and strength in a very intricate way. A tour on Faisal’s, the owner’s, social media will change your mind about how you exercise.

Exploring your ideal body in Stockholm

We were asked to get to know the owner’s background story story and how everything started in Africa in order to work on his Social Media accounts.


Maracaibo restaurant started its first steps in 2012 and today is a hit for tourists in Chania, Crete. Despite its popularity, the owner strives to keep its traditional Cretan tastes by providing only the freshest products of the Cretan market.

Cretan Tastes in the most Delicious Posts

SoQube was asked to work on several touristic platforms, photography and social media coverage to show the diversity of this delicious restaurant. The team strives to create a way to recreate the sense of taste throught delicious vocabulary

Yiannis Velissaridis

Yiannis Velissaridis Photography, is a business owned by Yiannis Velissaridis, a photographer with more than 30 years of experience. He has made many projects during his lifetime that have to do with a surreal artistic expression. His latest projest is True Lies’ exhibition in Athens.

Photography at its best

The team was asked to promote the projects that he has created throughout his carreer. A marketing plan with post organization was a must, to combane the diversity of each and every project.

Paxos Photo tour


Paxos Photo Tour is one of the projects of Yiannis Velissaridis, a very experienced photographer that has been residing in Paxos the past four years. He decided to start this exciting new project of taking a tour around the island of Paxos and exploring the techniques of photography. He loves teaching photography and this is the way he achieves to show it.

A different way of looking at Paxos

The team was asked to promote the seminars through social media platforms and arrange a weekly campaign on local social media networks of Paxos.

Tasty Corner

Tasty Corner a fast-food place in Kissamos, Crete. It provides delicious breakfasts, coffees, snacks, pizzas, pasta and many more tasty meals.

Snacks on the go in Crete

We were asked create a social media coverage as well as work on touristic platforms. We consulted the company with insights on how to grow organically and provided several business tips on how to creatively change the appearance of food styling.


Kouzoumama is a restaurant based in Kissamos, Crete. This restaurant does not provide ordinary Cretan tastes. Its tastes are Cretan with a twist that will make you experinence the different varieties of food.

A culinary chemistry experience in Crete

The team was asked to consult the restaurant with ways to promote this idea of Cretan tastes with a twist on different touristic platforms. We were also asked to creat a social media coverage with photos sent by the chef himself.

Acqua Cafe Bar

Aqua Cafe Bar is a bar at the waterfront of Kissamos with a great view over the sea. They make exceptional cocktails, great coffees and they provid excellent services.

Start your night in Kissamos, Crete

We were asked to work on touristic platforms and its social media coverage of the bar by promoting the selection of wines, cocktails and breakfast. The team had to study the bartending trends, as well as wine enology to better create the captions for each post.

Ilia Mare Hotel

Ilia Mare Hotel is a three-star hotel with many years of experience in hotel management. Ilia Mare is not just a hotel.  It’s a place where you can experience many activities like mushroom hunting, hiking, fishing and vineyard work.

Experiencing the widerness of Evia Isalnd

The team was asked to consult the hotel with ways to promote the experiences on different touristic platforms to attract tourists from around the world. Social Media were also part of the project as a way to show the activities of the hotel.


Pikantiko fast-food restaurant started in 1996 on a little corner in Kissamos, Chania, Crete with very few tables. Now, it has expanded and received great reviews from tourists all around the world and locals. Its secret is the personally selected meat that attracts so many clients.

Tastes from the Cretan Fast-food and Barbeque

We were asked to work on touristic platforms and social media platforms to promote this delicious fast-food restaurant, as well as creating competitions and promos.

Step by Stef

Step by Stef is a personal selection shoe start-up company that started in 2018. It acquired a big success due to its limited editions of shoes for women.

Stepping your way into Crete

We were asked to create creative promo videos for the products, collages and post captions for social media platforms. We consulted the company with insights on how to grow organically and provided several business tips.

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